Sole Sessions with Steve Madden

Sponsored by Steve Madden

You can’t think about shoes without thinking about the brand, Steve Madden. The label is ubiquitous in the industry, with every fashionista owning at least one pair. Everyone has a Steve Madden story; including, the businessman and designer himself.

Steve Madden, the man behind the namesake label started the company with a $1,100 investment and a car, which acted as his initial office. Now, 26 years later, the brand and the man are iconic members of the fashion industry.


How could you not want to know more? Steve Madden is letting CollegeFashionista in on his secrets to success, talking entrepreneurship, fashion and legacies.

Join us on Monday, October 24th from 5:30 – 6:30PM at the University of Florida for an empowering conversation between Steve Madden and CollegeFashionista’s founder, Amy Levin.

For those of you who don’t live in the Florida-area, check out a sneak peak of Madden’s words of wisdom below!


CollegeFashionista: We know you started your business with only $1,100. What was that time like for you? Were you anxious about the risk or just excited about the possibility of success?

Steve Madden: I was very nervous! I had butterflies in my stomach every morning but I powered through it because I was focused on the big picture and how to use that money wisely. I had to make every dollar count.

CF: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs hoping to follow your lead?

SM: Be prepared to work long hours and don’t expect overnight success. People think it’s glamorous all the time and it’s not. If you are not working the long hours then no one else is. You have to set the pace for your team.

And build a good team! That’s so important. I have people that started with me 25 years ago that are still here.

CF: What skills do you think are essential to being an entrepreneur?

SM: Being a good reader of people is an indispensable quality in an entrepreneur — I have a very good sense about people, knowing what you can and can’t do, who would be a good employee, who to stay away from.


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