Floral is Back to Spring Into Summer

Floral is Back to Spring Into Summer

At last, the spring and summer seasons are finally upon us! I can honestly say I forgot what good weather was. Now that I am not hidden in layers of clothes, I am excited to change up my wardrobe. I ran into this Fashionista and her outfit embodied my favorite go-to spring and summer floral look.

Considering the harsh Jersey winter this year, the sight of a floral dress is so refreshing. Dresses, in general, are my favorite pieces to wear during the warmer months of the year. Whether they are simple T-shirt dresses, solid color shift dresses, or floral ones, they are easy to throw on to create a girly, effortless look. Her outfit is the perfect way to spring into summer—see what I did there?

This Fashionista sports a lace bralette, floral dress, and simple, brown sandals accessorized with Ray-Ban aviators. This look is perfect to wear to school, lunch with friends, or just being out and about. The aviators are unique in that the tint gives a pop of color that pairs well with the floral details on her dress. The brown sandals are perfect for comfort and ease, following the theme of simplicity in the outfit. A pair of Converse or Vans would be a good way to make this a more casual, sporty look.

This dress also has that perfect length for styling it into a tunic as well. Pairing it with ripped skinny jeans or ripped boyfriend jeans would be the way to go. Pair it with some trendy sunglasses, a crossbody bag, and the same sandals and you have a completely different but still cute outfit. Pieces like this are my favorite because they are so versatile. Be on the lookout for more looks for my favorite season of the year!

How do you feel about floral details? Let me know in the comments below!