Here's How To Seriously Travel the World Without Spending a Dime

Can you remember the last time you had enough money to travel around the world? Yeah, neither do we. Somehow, though, it seems as if everyone around us has the means to galavant around the globe without a care in the world, which is both baffling and endlessly entertaining. Case in point: our Style Gurus.

In the month of March, they’re traveling to eight different countries, respectively. Luckily, they’re taking us with them! Okay, not really. But rest assured, they will be documenting their every move on @CFashionista’s Snapchat for the rest of us to watch with envy. Keep reading for the comprehensive schedule of everyone you should be keeping up with this spring break:

March 10—Jasmine Mason, Virginia Beach (@jasminesymoneee)

March 11—Natalie Plackowski, Finland (@natchristine_p)


March 12 and 13—Jen Petrova, Tokyo (@jenvpetrova)

March 14—Taylor Kay, Madrid (@tayy_kay)

March 15—Delaney Spetnagel, Paris (@dspetnagel)

March 16—Xyclali Nunez, SXSW (@xyclali)

March 17—Geordon Wollner, Disneyland, Los Angeles (@geowollner)

March 18—Samantha Fania, Berlin (@samanthastar)

March 19—Taylor Camacho, Tuscany (@stylishtalesof_tay)

March 20—Catherine Brackett, Cozumel (@catherineaebrackett)

March 21—Hannah Weinstein, Palm Beach (@hannah_weinstein)

Where are you going for spring break? We want to know! Snap a photo of your travels (or staycations), tag @cfashionista, and use the hashtag #CFspringbreak so we can follow along.