8 Simple Rules To Follow When Packing Your Beauty Products For Spring Break

Whether you’re leaving for a long weekend or the entire week of spring break, there is no need to say “bon voyage” to looking your best. For beauty enthusiasts like myself, packing for vacation is a real struggle. The whole three ounce or smaller container definitely won’t cut it for our favorite cleanser we can’t dare leave behind. Plus we tend to bring unnecessary items because there’s “a chance we may need them.” And before we know it our suitcase full of beauty products.

With these rules, you can say goodbye to overpacking while still having the peace of mind knowing you have exactly what you need!

1—Have a beauty emergency kit to freshen up after a long flight. Keep face wipes, facial mist, moisturizer, concealer, and lip balm in your purse to apply right before you land so those first photos of you as you hop of the plane aren’t totally cringe-worthy

Side note: Don’t forget to use hand sanitizer before you start applying products to your face to avoid spreading airplane germs into your products and onto your face. 

2—Never pack anything that is over three ounces in your carry-on. Why risk having to throw out all of your full size, expensive products, when you already know security is going to make you get rid of it? Not only is it a waste of product, it’s a waste of money.  (Plus the travel size products are super cute and little!)

Tip: Keep an eye out for free gift with purchase deals, this is a great way to stock up on travel sized products.

3—Bring perfume, but get sample sizes (for free) or a roller ball of your favorite scent at the fragrance counter. Avoid bringing a full size bottle because they tend to be fragile; the last thing you need is a bottle in pieces and clothes drenched in perfume after being tossed around in baggage claim. 

4—Minimize your makeup. I am the first person to admit that I bring WAY too many makeup products when I am traveling for no reason. When you’re packing, think realistically about how much makeup you’re really going to need on your trip. All you need is the basics–– mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow gel, eyeshadow,  lipstick, blush, bronzer, highlight, and a base (foundation or concealer–– or both, whatever you prefer). For blush, bronzer, setting powder, and highlight, find all-in-one products. For eyes, pack two shadows—one for day (a neutral beige)  and one for night (charcoal or deep brown.) For lips, make sure you have one dark and one neutral option. 

5—Sunscreen is always a must, no matter where you are traveling to for spring break. CeraVe Sunscreen Face Lotion is a must and does not leave a greasy residue. If you are not checking in a bag, purchase a bottle of sunscreen for your body when you arrive at your destination. There should be no excuse to not be protecting your skin when traveling.

6—Don’t forget hair elastics and bobby pins. This is a common one that we tend to always forget to bring and wish we had. There is no reason to unnecessarily buy more of something you already have plenty of.

Tip: Use a tic-tac container for easy bobby pin storage.

7—Do not, I repeat do not leave your tweezers! The worst thing is having to clean up your brows and being stuck waiting until you get home to do it.

8—Find inspiration in your destination. Choose your makeup products and colors based on your travel destination. Off to the beach for spring break? Bring coral and bronze makeup shades to create a bronzy glow (and don’t forget your waterproof mascara!)

What beauty tips to you swear by when traveling? Let us know in the comments below!