4 Small Adventures that Won't Affect Your Spring Break Budget

When you think about it, it’s astounding how much preparation time goes into spring break. I remember a decent chunk of my senior year revolving around it — saving money; amping up my workout routine; justifying a new wardrobe of impractical warm-weather pieces. However, I don’t regret a minute of that time. It was the perfect distraction from the reality that was my impending graduation and a rare occasion where I was relaxed, happy, and simply in the moment.

My spring break experience taught me that it’s important to have things to look forward to. While college is great, fun, and exciting, it’s also stressful and draining. It’s important to set aside time to relax outside of school-sanctioned vacations. Planning small adventures is the perfect way to boost morale and motivation until your next break.

Below are four of my favorite “mini-adventures” that won’t break the bank:

1—Upgrade Your Makeup Bag: Our favorite escapes are full of beauty products. Grab your friends and head to Sephora to test out a bunch of products you’ve been wanting to try. The catch? You can only treat yourself to three of them. Our recommendations for spring break are Clinique’s Cheek Pop and Milk Makeup’s Balm Tint or Lip Pigment. These are perfect to swipe on your face when you’re not wearing any other makeup. After a day on the beach or the slopes, these are the perfect vacation beauty picks to bring your look from day to night.

2—Reimagine the Diner & Drive-In: Drive-in diners may be hard to find, but they’re easy to reimagine. Get your friends together for a cheat day. Bring your polaroid camera and snap away as you splurge on classic diner food. Bring your milkshakes home + turn on an old-movie for that drive-in feel. Our current favorite spot? Big Daddy’s in NYC. Everything red-velvet on this menu is a must-try.

3—Do a Digital Detox: It’s easy to ignore how addicted we are to our phones, but they’ve become omnipresent in our lives. Set aside a time to turn your phone off and focus on being present at least once a week. Go for a walk, or put a “no phones at dinner” policy in place. You’ll be amazed at how much it revitalizes your spirit for the remainder of the week.

Photo via @thatchiclex

4—Take a Class: Let’s face it — there are a lot of skills we don’t learn in the classroom. Set aside some time to learn something not because you have to, but because you want to. Brit + Co and Paper Source are great sources for inexpensive classes. YouTube and podcasts are other great (and free!) resources.

How are you “getting away” this spring break? Let us know in the comments below!