Splurge Or Save? How Snag Fall's Designer Looks On A College Budget

One of the many woes of being a college student is that very, very (very) limiting budget that is looming over your life. Priorities begin to shift, and sometimes having food in the fridge becomes more important than buying those really cute shoes you saw while shopping online (I mean doing your homework).

Constantly fantasizing about the day when you will finally be able to afford that really expensive All Saints jacket or all those designer bags in Kylie Jenner’s closet is not very healthy for your budget or your sanity. Yes, being on a budget is not ideal when you want to buy everything in sight, but that does not necessarily mean that you can’t look as baller as all the celebrities or cool kids on the block. It’s all about being a smart shopper. If you’re a smart shopper, you’ll be able to find some of the “best next things” the world has to offer. And let’s be real—it’s all about baby steps before you can fly your way to that three-thousand-dollar designer product. Meanwhile you get there, here are some dupes to get you started.

Live off Ramen for the semester: Chloé Faye Shoulder Bag


Won’t have to think twice about splurging on guac: Melie Bianco Gigi Top Ring Cross Body


Contemplate donating platelets: MSGM Fox Fur Scarf


Wear while watching “True Blood”: Zara Faux Fur Stole


Sell your entire closet on Poshmark: Acne Studios Aja V-Neck Black


Not have to worry about literally having nothing to wear: ASOS SWIPE Pointed Heels


 Go into credit card debt: Prada Corset Belt


Won’t have to hold your breath when the barista runs your debit card: Deandri Corset Belt


Call your grandma because you need money for “book”: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Idealla Ruffled Tulle Midi Dress


Wear while treating Nana to brunch: H&M Crinkled Ruffled Dress