We Found You The Perfect Pair of Sneakers Based On Your Personality

Whether you’re the type of person who has a never-ending plethora of shoes or the person who sticks to the same pair on a daily basis, it’s never a bad time to dive into something new for your wardrobe.

I’ve been fixating specifically on sneakers recently. Since I was a kid, I always assumed sneakers were only for athletic occasions, and I only had a pair of Nikes for whenever I actually made it to the gym. Even when I played lacrosse at school I only ever threw on my sneakers when I was heading to practice. Years later, I’ve been dabbling in finding the right pair of sneakers for any kind of outfit I’m going to pull off.

Not only do sneakers work for every outfit, but there is a perfect sneaker for you based on your personality. I hand-selected some of my favorite picks from every kind of category. Check out what category of sneakers you fall into and what you should be wearing this season. And here’s the thing, they’re all under $150.

For the type of person that wants to be noticed all the time without posting another selfie or constantly having to audibly say “look at me.”

Adidas “Gazelle” Sneakers – $106.00

Vans Anaheim Factory Sneakers – $80.00

Dolce Vita Zalen Sneaker – $100.00

The urban girl who you are pretty sure sleeps in her Chuck Taylors.

 TopShop High Tops – $45.00

 Grey High Top Suede Sneaker – $98.00

Kalvin Nubuck Leather Slip-Ons – $130.00

That organized and put-together girl who probably has a lot of succulents in her room.

HM Sneakers 
– $24.99

Adidas Originals Superstars – $80.00

Vans UA Old Skool Lite – $65.00

The girl who exclusively listens to music on a record player, is always seen carrying a book, and wears her dad’s leather jacket from the ’70s.

Nike Court Royale 
– $44.95

Puma Basket Classic White 
– $87.00

Nike Classic Cortez Sneaker – $70.00

The girl that owns cute stationary and monogrammed coffee thermoses, and has been wearing her floral spring dresses since February.

ASOS Ruffle Sneaker
 – $35.00

Seavees for J. Crew – $88.00

Rebecca Minkoff Stacey Slip-Ons – $130.00

The wildcard who is too indecisive to stick to a theme on her Instagram feed let alone make plans in advance because she is too busy staying up until 2 a.m. discovering new music on Soundcloud.

HM Silver Sneakers
 – $29.99

White Tubular Defiant Sneakers – $86.00

Jaggar Fractured Sneaker – $145.00

Which kicks are your “solemate.” Let us know in the comments below!