Slaying Like Solange. Three Beauty Looks We Should All Embrace From “A Seat At The Table.”

Solange Knowles recently released her newest album, ‘A Seat at the Table,’ that walks through her own journey of being a black woman. This album is her story; a story in which according to Solange, “Has always been a black story; not just by accident but by the love, will, and the teachings of her parents.” Solange Knowles uses this album to extend a “seat as an invitation to outsiders to understand the truth of what it is to exist in black skin and the labors that we take on for survival.”


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Solange Knowles is a person who wears who she is on her sleeve and gives no apologies about it. There is so much that we can learn from this artist about originality and confidence. Along with the album, Solange released two visuals for the songs, “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair.” These two videos can be described as cinematic gold in my book. After watching them (a few hundred times) and scrolling through her Instagram, I felt inspired by Solange’s style. Here a few beauty looks tips inspired by Solange.

Power in Simplicity, Less is More 

Solange is known for her daring and unique fashion looks. When it comes to her makeup she keeps everything very natural and subtle. This is a trend that I’ve mentioned here before and we see occurring more. With celebs like Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian going totally make-up free we can see that embracing your natural beauty is the way to go. Solange used this album to describe her personal journey through life. Often times taking away the extra stuff allows for us to see things differently. Give it a try, give your skin a break and see what you learn about yourself.


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Embrace Your Natural Hair

Natural hair has been the biggest topic of discussion. Solange even dedicates an entire song entitled “Don’t Touch My Hair”. According to Nikki Nelms, Solange’s hairstylist, which is all about the fact that “everyone has their own hair and their own style, and what they like. That’s something that you have to own as an individual.” So embrace your own hair whether its curly, wavy, straight, short or long.


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Have Fun with your Looks 

While there is a power in the simplicity of your look don’t be afraid to step out of your box! Solange is always pushing the bounds of fashion with her unique style. Take a few notes from that and try changing up your make-up and hair looks. Whether it’s adding a fun accessory or introducing a pop of color. There’s a lot of fun in experimenting with different elements of hair and make-up.


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