We're Going Around the World in 6 Skincare Routines

We live amongst seven billion other people in this world. How boring would life be if we didn’t all have differences? We say tomato; they say “to-mah-to.” We say Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes; they say olive oil (yes, really)! We Americans may think we know it all when it comes to skincare, but you’d second-guess your entire regime if you ever witnessed a Korean’s 15-step ritual!

Keep reading to learn about the skincare routines of six Style Gurus from all around the world. Grab a pen and paper—you’re going to have quite a long shopping list after this.

Jonnay Vilmaire — Hawaii

My skin would be nothing without: Coconut oil and Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer

A Popular Product Where I Am: Argan and tea tree oil

“I love coconut oil’s versatility and the smooth glow it gives me! I’ve used Cetaphil’s moisturizer, which works on all skin types, for about three years now. It makes my sensitive skin stay soft and hydrated all day.”

Samu Sibiya — Johannesburg, South Africa

Skincare routine length: Ten minutes, nothing hectic

My skin would be nothing without: Witch hazel and my Sorbet cleansing facial brush

A Popular Product Where I Am: SwiitchBeauty Glo Up Drops

“No matter what product I wash my face with, I feel like the results just aren’t as great without my facial brush cleanser. Using Witch Hazel as a toner dramatically minimized my pores and smoothed my skin.”

Cailyn Prins — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Skincare routine length: 10 minutes

My skin would be nothing without: Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser and The Ordinary Squalane Solution

“My routine just consists of makeup removal, using my solution as a moisturizer, and the occasional face mask to sleep. Both of my must-haves are affordable and effective!”

Erica Ishisaka — Paris, France

Skincare routine length: Eight minutes (Editor’s note: leave it to the French to be fabulously minimalistic)

My skin would be nothing without: Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure-Castile Liquid Soap and Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion

A Popular Product Where I Am: Herbalism by LUSH (French women use face masks twice per week!)

“Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is better than your typical facial cleanser. It leaves my face fresh and clean, and can be used to cleanse anything. It’s also certified fair trade and made with organic oils! Drying Lotion is perfect for clearing breakouts almost overnight.”

Maria Peguero — Barcelona, Spain

Skincare routine length: Less than 15 minutes (all done during and after my shower). I pay special attention to my lips, neck, and eyes!

My skin would be nothing without: Missha Natural Color Clay Mask (the green, pore-care one) and olive oil

A Popular Product Where I Am: Anything natural, vegan, and cruelty-free

“I live in a Mediterranean City, so I’ve inherited the tradition of being very natural and conscious about what I put on my skin. That’s why I cannot live without Olive Oil! The only makeup I wear is Chapstick (and bronzer in the winter).

Ally Scandolo — Toronto

Skincare Minutes: “I definitely love drawing out my skincare routine at night. It usually takes me 15 to 30 minutes.”

My skin would be nothing without: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and Garnier’s (Waterproof) Micellar Cleansing Water

A Popular Product Where I Am: Saje is an all-natural company that has become super popular in Canada, mainly for their amazing aromatherapy and diffuser products. I’d love to try out some of their skincare products, especially their spray facial toners.”

What are your beauty must-haves? Any products unique to where you live? We love exploring new brands and products so let us know in the comments below!