Six Things You Must Do To Ace Finals That Have Nothing To Do With Studying

‘Tis the season…for finals. While you already know you need to create outlines, review class notes, make up all those chapters you were supposed to be reading during the semester and so on, acing finals isn’t all about textbooks and study sessions.

There are several things beyond the books that are vital to not only surviving finals, but thriving. How many of these things are you considering when planning your finals’ study strategy?

Wake-up strategy. Instead of pressing snooze 17 times, mindfully set your alarm for a time you will respect. Setting your alarm for 6:30 a.m. knowing full well you won’t get out of bed until 8 not only starts your day with a major fail, but you’re intentionally depriving your body and mind of that all important restful, deep sleep. (Photo via @christinenrqz)


Take a mental “bake.” Bragging how many hours you spent in the library won’t mean diddly squat if they aren’t productive. Your brain can only be on low battery for so long before you start confusing Alexander Hamilton with Alexander Wang. Just as you coordinate your study groups, schedule time with your roommates away from the books. Bake an obscene amount of cookies; watch one episode of your favorite show; color. Take time with your friends so you can go back to hanging with (and understanding) our Founding Fathers. (Photo via @valeriecammack)


Actually study. I know that sounds like common sense, but when you are studying, actually get to work. Don’t waste time at the library bouncing from table to table to gossip, sending 23 Snapchats or Facebook stalking your ex. Get in, get out and get that A. (Photo via @lizzykimn)


Embrace your study surroundings. There are definitely two camps of people out there: those who can only study in silence and those who concentrate with background noise of a marching band performing in the middle of a thunderstorm. Don’t fight your instincts. If you work better in a busy coffee shop, go there. If you are most productive from the confines of your bed, study there. Your environment is an important thing to consider when creating your final exams study strategy. (Photo via @beedurst)


Write it out. Actually putting pen to paper and taking long-form notes and creating physical outlines may help you better retain the information. Faster retention equals less time studying. Also, who doesn’t get all the feelings when you get to cross something off a list? (Photo via @kalynnelizabeth_)


The sweat(s) life. Don’t stress about having the perfect OOTD when you have far more important things to worry about. Plus, who wants to sit for ten hours straight in leather pants? Find a pair of knit joggers or a cozy oversized sweater and let your look be more relaxed. (Photo @sarahdewald)