A Short Girl's Guide to Wearing Long Dresses

June 30th, 2017 at 2:00am
A Short Girl's Guide to Wearing Long Dresses

Summer is here and what that means for most girls is the season of the sundresses and maxi skirts is back. I get told that I am short quite often, so I began feeling like I simply could not pull off the look of a long dress. This changed when I discovered the absolutely perfect maxi dress hanging at my local Ross. The pattern was too pretty to pass up and the length of the dress did scare me but I made sure I was following my tips along the way.

Tip number one: find a dress that cinches or has elastic at the waist. This allows for you to adjust the garment to fit to size without looking too bulky. Make sure that the dress also has adjustable straps so you can minimize the length as much as possible. This type of cut also gives the wearer the most control on how long the dress can be and how short it can go. This is my personal favorite route to take when shopping for a long dress.

Tip number two: find the perfect neutral wedges! Wedges are the perfect addition to a dress that is too long. This is perfect for dressing up the summer frocks or even for a casual style. If you’re wearing a white maxi dress and neutral wedges, throw on a denim jacket and you’re set! If wedges aren’t your type, you can opt for some block heeled sandals or even slightly heeled flats.

My final tip: use a belt. I’d go for a neutral colored skinny belt to match the best with the dress. With a belt, you have the ability to control the blouse part and the skirt part of a dress and keep it to your liking. This also allows for you to discreetly make the dress a perfect length, without it looking baggy.

What are your tips for rocking that summer maxi dress? Let us know in the comments below!