Self-Love is All We Need

Self-Love is All We Need

How often are you unsatisfied when you look in the mirror? Do you ever compare yourself to others? Are you unhappy with your features and call them “flaws?” Do you love yourself?

You got to admit, growing up to love ourselves was a difficult time for majority of us. No one taught us how to love ourselves, we were just always told to fix our appearance. There are countless of articles and resources telling you “The 10 Best Ways for a Thinner Waist,” or “ How to Turn Your Frizzy Mess Into Beautiful Beach Curls,” etc. When we don’t love ourselves it hinders our self-confidence. I got to admit there were times where I did not want to wear something because I thought others would judge how I looked. But 2017 is going to be your year to begin your self-love journey.

  • Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

That Instagram famous girl is beautiful but so are you. Do not fool yourself in believing that these Instagram models or celebrities look perfect all the time. They just take really good pictures. Photoshop, lighting, and face-tune do a really good job at masking features and creating another image from the original. So don’t set this standard that you have to look like these celebrities.

  • Appreciate Your Beauty 

Love those freckles and curls! Love your curves and fat! Your stretch/birthmarks are beautiful! Beauty does not mean having perfect, straight, white teeth with a flat tummy. You can be beautiful with those features and you can be beautiful without it as well. If you’re never happy with the way you look, you’ll never truly be happy with yourself. The best and only advice I have gotten about self-love was from my cousin and she said, “Look in the mirror everyday and compliment one thing about yourself. Even if you don’t believe it now, within time you’ll learn to appreciate your own beauty.”

  • Stop Caring

Let go of the idea of pleasing others. Don’t dress for boys, or don’t do your make-up for your friends. If you want to go bare-faced to work, do it! If you want to beat your face with makeup but you’re worried about others judging you, who cares? You cannot let comments or looks hold your back. Those things are only temporary. If you believe in yourself and how you look, you can conquer all.

If you’re struggling with self-love, remember all good things take time. Take the time to learn your body and appreciate it. Personally, when I catch myself thinking negatively about myself I like to meditate with crystals to bring back clarity and positivity into my mindset. So don’t let others or your own negativity drag you down. Love who you are and bring that love to others as well! Drag queen Ru Paul once said, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

How do you practice self-love? Let us know in the comments below!

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