Running Through the Summer

When it comes to beauty and health, summer is the perfect time to begin new habits. Between school work, jobs, and internships, semesters can be really busy. So, what better time to start experimenting with workouts then right now? It can be difficult to find a workout that suits you best. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, preferences and dislikes, but I am starting to discover that working out is a lot easier outside.

I love going to the gym and taking workout classes, but I also started to go for runs and hikes in a nearby park. Running is something I used to hate, and now I find it incredibly enjoyable. The fresh air and difference in scenery is great motivation and prevents the workout from getting boring. Also, nature helps improve both mental and physical health. Living in NYC most of the year, life can get crazy. Nature is not easy to find, so this activity is extremely therapeutic. You can absorb your surroundings, listen to music, and even bring a friend along (membership is free when you’re outdoors!).

Workouts are always better when you are wearing the trendiest gear, and this Fashionista proves just that. This matching sports bra and stretch pant set are so fun! Its vibrant colors and cool pattern definitely fit the summer vibe. I love matching sets because they are super easy to slip on, and you don’t have to worry about creating sets of your own. Don’t worry, if you’re not comfortable with wearing just the sports bra as a top, a solid white T-shirt is perfect.

When it comes to working out outside, the perfect sneaker is crucial. These white Nike sneakers are made for exercising and are insanely comfortable. Nike is always super trendy, and this sneaker also comes in various colors. Before setting off, make sure to put your hair in a ponytail, grab a water jug, and throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses so the sun doesn’t get in the way of that killer run.

What do you think? Are you going to give outside workouts a try? Let me know in the comments below!