Road Trip Adventure on a Budget

June 6th, 2017 at 12:00pm
Road Trip Adventure on a Budget

Imagine a weeklong road trip around California with friends. No worries or stress sounds pretty amazing, right? Here are some tips and ideas to make this adventure happen, while helping you stay organized and without breaking the bank.

My sister and I have always dreamed of a road trip around California: driving along the crashing waves of the Pacific Coast Highway, through the mountains of Yosemite National Park and through the vast desert of Joshua Tree National Park, and pitching a tent at the end of a long day in a different spot and scenery each night.

Well, we did it. It was one of the most amazing experiences and I definitely learned a lot. From my own experiences, I have some tips up my sleeve to help make your trip just as successful.

Plan out the trip before going. In order to plan all the beautiful spots you want to hit, getting a trip planner could help keep track of everything. Being lost is never fun—a map can never hurt, especially in the spots that may have no Wi-Fi (yikes, right?). With a world so beautiful and so much to see, wherever the road trip may take you, it’s important to do some research and find those beautiful local spots.

Bring clothes for layering. You never know what kind of weather you could run into when on a long road trip. Bringing things to layer up will prepare you for different weather and climate.  For some ideas, always bring a rain jacket, windbreaker, or a cute flannel to throw on for warmth.  It could be super hot and sunny then turn cloudy and cold, so be sure to bring some sort of warm sweatshirt, a cute tank, and your favorite comfortable jean and shorts.

Road trips are a blast, but a long day in the car can be tiring. Plan for stops along the way and always take the scenic route. It’s an adventure and the more you get to see, the bigger the adventure! With a great road trip playlist, a great view and good company, how could that car ride get boring? If there is a lull in the beautiful views, a good podcast can pass the time while keeping your mind interested.

Camping saves more money than stopping at hotels. Get a small tent and you will see some more amazing views right from a campsite. This will make the trip even more original and fun.

The California road trip was something I will never forget. Wouldn’t you love to go on an adventure like this? Let me know your biggest adventure in the comments below.