Refresh Your Wardrobe With These Ridiculously Chic (And Free) Styling Hacks

May 30th, 2018 at 5:00am

There’s a strong correlation between what we wear and what’s going on around us. Maybe it’s that human need for newness that comes around every once in a while, or maybe it’s just the fact that, you know, winter is two months overdue again (like we should be surprised anymore). But one thing’s for sure—we all want to feel and look our best, even if that means fighting the weather a little bit. The real challenge? Giving your wardrobe an update without breaking your bank account. But whether it’s an effortless tuck in your shirt, fold in your sleeve, or simply pairing pieces you’ve never thought of before, small changes can make a big difference. The possibilities in the layering world are endless, and with a creative approach, you can formulate outfits so new; it looks like you just bought them. For more inspo, read on about how these college students took their own refreshing spin on their closets without having to sacrifice their budget.

Refresh Your Wardrobe By Tying Your Button Down

PHOTO: Natalie Geisel, The George Washington University

Turn Your Button-Down Into an Off-the-Shoulder Top

When in doubt, rework your closet staples like this community member did with a basic button-down. Tying it up and creating a fresh new neckline is not only a fun take on the otherwise tucked-in piece, it’s a simple hack that you can do to transform half of your closet.

Refresh Your Wardrobe With a Tank Over a Mesh Top

PHOTO: Chloe Felopulos, Fordham University

Layer a Tank Over a Mesh Top

Wearing a cute top you own over another cute top that you already own? It doesn’t get any easier than this. On days when I’m stumped on what to wear, my best creations always materialize when I pair two pieces that I’ve never paired before, so I promise it really works. You just have to be open to trying different textures, like this community member did with mesh and a ribbed tank top.

Refresh Your Wardrobe With a Button Down Shirt Over a Crop

PHOTO: Kai LiNational Chengchi University

Wear an Unbuttoned Button-Down Over a Crop Top

Instead of spending $60 on a new blazer, try an oversized button-down with a cool print. A bold piece like this can add a little pizazz to an otherwise monochrome outfit, while still making you look well-put together.

Refresh Your Wardrobe By Pairing Your Formal Dress With Tennis Shoes

PHOTO: Katilyn Perry, Kenyon College

Pair Your Formal Wear with Tennis Shoes

Who says your shoes have to be just as formal as your outfit? Wearing fancy heels with your fancy dress is an outdated rule. A good pair of sneaks are a comfy, cute alternative for a more versatile look (but really, we’re here for the comfort).

Refresh Your Wardrobe With a Sheer Dress Over a Crop Top and Jeans

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski, College Fashionista Alum

Take the Slip Out of a Dress and Add it Over Pants and a Crop Top

Layering a long, sheer dress over a crop top and jeans is the MOVE, my friends. You can fulfill all your elegant tulle dreams, without having to worry about that cold under-the-skirt breeze. We’ll save wearing dresses on their own for when it’s just a few degrees warmer.

Refresh Your Wardrobe With a Denim Jacket Off the Shoulder

PHOTO: Qiturah Bholai, University of Central Florida

Belt Your Jacket

Pull the collar down for that off-the-shoulder neckline, but this time with a belt. With all these possibilities to switch between, you’ll never get bored of repeating that same old silhouette again. Keep in mind that this same hack can be done for a button-down if you’re feeling adventurous.

Refresh Your Wardrobe By Layering a Slip Dress Over a T-shirt

PHOTO: Hannah Fyfe, Columbia College Chicago

Layer a Slip Dress Over a Casual Tee

As if my layering rant couldn’t drag on for any longer—dress down your slip dress for a casual day look by wearing a t-shirt underneath. Partly for the fact that it’s probably too cold for spaghetti straps right now, but mostly for the fact that you’ll just look really cute.

Refresh Your Wardrobe By Turning a Scarf Into a Top

PHOTO: Anna McLaughlin, École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode

Turn Your Scarf Into a Top

If you’re getting tired of your shirts and blouses, make up your own. A scarf can be turned into a halter top, or a silk bandana into a bandeau. Sometimes, we forget that accessories can be clothes too.

Refresh Your Wardrobe By Shredding the Hems of Your Jeans

PHOTO: Yusra Siddiqui, College Fashionista Alum

Shred Your Jeans

Instead of splurging on new jeans, upcycle an old pair that’s been sitting in the back of your closet and customize them on your own for 0 the cost. All you need is fabric scissors and a pin to perfect that cool raw hem look.

Refresh Your Wardrobe By Pairing Your Socks With Heels

PHOTO: Gisele Milan, College Fashionista Alum

Wear Your Heels with Socks

Change up your heel game by pairing them with bright solid-colored socks, sheer socks, or even velvet socks, like this community member did. And between all the hues, shoe-types, and sock-types, you can really come up with something good. Think the layering concept, but for your feet.

What are your favorite spring styling hacks? Comment them down below!

Opening image by Kelly Rogowski.