Good News! It's Possible To Pare Down Your Wardrobe Without Going Full “Marie Kondo”

I have a rule: don’t trust anyone who genuinely likes the process of moving out. Sure, getting to your new home and unpacking is all excitingly effervescent—new space, new you. But getting out of that old place can be a hassle. The emotional labour that comes with hauling your items out might be a lot if you’re a maximalist such as myself. While minimalism trends have been having a minute in the spotlight, it’s not making paring down my life any easier as I jump from my college apartment to a new adventure.

This is where clothes come in. Aside from all the furniture and knick-knacks I’ve (inevitably) collected over four years, my style has also evolved a lot throughout university. In packing up my current room and delving into my childhood bedroom’s closet, I have found great discrepancies in my wardrobe.

So, in attempting to make the process of minimizing my clutter a little less melodramatic, I’ve found a few ways to make discarding my less-worn pieces easier. Moving may not be fun now and I’m definitely no Marie Kondo, but lightening your closet’s load is definitely worthwhile as you take your next steps out of school. Out with the old! And in with a closet that feels just right.

Ultimately, you need to be realistic about what you need

Realism and clothes are not a pretty pair in my mind. I’m often too sentimental about what I truly need to hold onto. Looking at the dresses of high school, I know I’m not going to delve back into wearing them anytime soon.

…But, you also can think about how you're going to build a collection

You surely don’t need to get rid of everything you own in the name of organization! Recalling our chat about being realistic, you’re going to want the things you love and the things that are worth keeping in your wardrobe. Hold onto those professional pieces you love yourself in and any classic items–especially those that may have already withstood the test of time.

Ask your friends/roommates/relatives/anyone with enough storage space if they want to shop your closet

Your friends might have different tastes than you, but there’s more than likely at least one piece in your closet they might enjoy once you’re through with it. Assemble that pile of clothes you no longer need and let those near and dear to you have at it!

Sell, trade, or donate those extra pieces to earn some extra cash or make a stranger's day

We have to thank the digital age for making many things more accessible, but the recent outpouring of online and app-based selling and trading hubs is super innovative. Facebook Markets, DePop, Carousell, and Bunz Trading Zone are a handful of online spaces that help you get rid of your own items.

There’s always the old-fashioned route: vintage and consignment stores. Selling or donating your clothes IRL can definitely be a fun experience–especially if you can get some in-store credit to do shopping or even just pass on your wardrobe to someone else.

Reinvent any older items with an ol' fashioned DIY

This one may be counter-intuitive, but it sure is fun. Maybe instead of buying more clothes to be on top of trends, DIY the pieces you may have outgrown and turn them into something way more new. Finding ideas and how-tos is abundant when reworking old clothes; check out your favourite bloggers or publications like your very own CollegeFashionista.

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