Reduce, Reuse, Re-Fashion

Reduce, Reuse, Re-Fashion

Pulling out bell bottom jeans from your mom’s closet, or an ascot with a colorful pink paisley pattern may seem like you have been taken back in time. To some, wearing these “outdated” articles of clothing would be a crime to society, but others see these fashion items as vintage, making a comeback into 21st-century fashion.

Thrift shopping is all the craze in 2017. The timeless fashions being rediscovered by individuals are making a statement this year and have influenced many to stop and think about what they are buying.

Thrifting is environmentally friendly, can be much cheaper than buying at name brand stores, and, not to mention, it also supports local businesses. Those thrift shops aren’t opening up themselves! They are being branded by the owner and visited by those passing by on the street or through word of mouth.

This Fashionista is sporting three vintage looks from local Vermont thrift stores like Plato’s Closet and Second Time Around, as well as thrift stores found on the streets of Boston.

Her first look, the bell bottom jeans, VW bug crop, black cowgirl boots, and maroon ascot is a model style for the vintage look. The best part is her outfit total was under $30. Amazing! All items thrifted, and still cute as ever to make a ’70s-themed outfit ready to hit the streets of Boston.

As any child would know, Walt Disney created a company that brings so many smiles to the faces of children all over the world. Why not keep that trend going in young adults? This Fashionista is rocking an oversize Disney crewneck sweatshirt and self-made distressed shorts cut by jeans she bought at Goodwill. It’s always a good time to get crafty.

Finally, her last outfit is focused on the denim embroidered skirt that was under $15. With embroidery being the newest craze, it is great to add some to your wardrobe. You can pair it with a plain tank as seen here or jazz it up with a fun shirt! The opportunities are endless.

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