We Have The One Thing You Need To Get You Through Any Stressful Situation

April 18th, 2017 at 2:00am
We Have The One Thing You Need To Get You Through Any Stressful Situation

Sometimes, the going gets tough and it can be difficult to see past the hard times to keep moving forward. For instances like these, try gaining inspiration through visual mantras like these:

“Growing up is better than growing down.”

Everyday, we are growing. Whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally; each new experience allows us to grow, to better ourselves, and to flourish. If you are ever feeling stuck in life, turn to this mantra to remind yourself that even the tiniest steps of progress are an accomplishment. Photo via Tumblr.

“Comparison will kill you.”

In an era where we have picture-perfect moments of everyone’s lives at our finger tips, comparing ourselves to others can feel inevitable. However, everyone is unique in their own ways and constantly comparing ourselves to others will not help to better ourselves. For those times when you are feeling under dressed, not as smart as the person sitting next to you, or not as experienced: remember to stay focus on the positives of yourself without dwelling on comparisons. Photo via Tumblr.

“Care for your body. Eat. Hydrate. Move. Sleep.”

Life moves quickly, but it is always important to stay in tune to who you are as a person. Listen to your body and give yourself what you need, when you need it. Little reminders to care for yourself often times go a long way, especially for those who always put others first. Photo via Tumblr.

“Better an oops than a what if.”

Learn from your mistakes, as well as the mistakes of those around you. There is nothing quite like experiencing something first-hand and sympathizing for the situation, and it is better to step out of your comfort zone. After all, you know what curiosity did to the cat…  Photo via @nalleycasey

“Baby it’s you.”

Feeling unsure in life if is a difficult emotion to grasp. For those times when you are questioning your radiance, questioning who you are, or your worth: remember that it is always on flash. (Photo by @alliesarachene)

“Make people feel good about themselves.”

Eventually, people will forget what you were wearing. People will forget how you look. But people will never forget how someone made you feel. Although this may seem like common sense, go out of your way to make people feel good about themselves. Plus, good karma will be right around the corner! (Photo by @alliesarachene)

“If you stumble, make it part of the dance.”

In life, we are always performing for one another. Our performance is our own, so we make of it what we want. If you stumble, good. Make it a part of the dance, integrate your mistakes into your success, continue to evolve and grow. (Photo by @damselindior)

What mantras keep you motivated during stressful times? Share yours with us in the comments below!