Print Mixing and Other Playful Styling Tricks

June 30th, 2017 at 2:00am
Print Mixing and Other Playful Styling Tricks

One of the biggest dangers of the forthcoming adulthood is so simple but astounding. We forget how to play. We forget how to run on the streets, how to laugh loudly and to not care what that grumpy old lady thinks of us, how to act, how to tell our teddy bear about our day, and how to believe that Toy Story actually could happen and that one day we will grow wings.

“You, adulthood, my darling who is sneaking toward me,” you vainly roar and shout, “I’m not afraid of you!” I slowly developed a weapon which helps me foist the playfulness into my days, no matter how hard you fight against it. In the morning when you are still stretching and yawning, I slide into my wardrobe and I hide from you. When I finally wriggle out from there you can’t do anything, I’m ready to hit the road! Today I start my journey wearing a striped skirt, a white blazer, and, most importantly, my silver shoes.

The shoes are the subjects of a lot of jokes. All four of my roommates fooled around in them and they used them as a mirror. Print mixing is another characteristic of my look which is hardly accepted. Although this trend is already widespread in the world, here the women around me are still trying their wings on this topic. To make my outfit complete I imagined a white blouse with a V-neck, which adds sophistication to this playful look, and embodies an overall charm and self-assured presence. My wardrobe may be huge, but it’s not endless, so I had to create this piece myself: I transformed my white blazer into a blouse using a safety pin and I tucked it in my skirt.

The feedback on my style can be very different, as people comment ‘I would not wear it that way,’ and ‘It’s interesting, but meh.’ At first they discouraged me, but over time I realized that as many people stand against it and dismay me, as many will appreciate my style one day. Our society hardly accepts new ways, we tend to stick with the traditional. If we go on untrodden roads, who knows what could happen, but this can also be the best part. We are a blank canvas and we can choose any color and brush to doll ourselves up. Compliments, of course, caress our soul, and after a while I got a lot of them. These outer influences, though, will be neither my engines nor my fences. What’s more, if I hear now the negative opinions, I’ll wear my playful print, color, and shape combinations even more proudly. I feel like playing with them raised me to a balanced and self-confident state of mind. Adulthood, my darling, is that you on the corner? Don’t be so impatient, I’m coming.

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