A Pop of Summer Essentials

A Pop of Summer Essentials

As warm weather begins to quickly creep up, us ladies are eager to hop into our summer wardrobe to search for our cutest skirts, dresses, and rompers. Whatever event one is going to, I feel that a romper can be dressed up or dressed down for this upcoming season and is a summer essential.

Rompers were introduced throughout the early 1900s. The impact on the romper has completely boomed over the past 2016/2017 seasons, coming back to be a fashion statement. I love that old styles can be recreated over the years into something bigger and better! This romper is simple in the back, but has great detail in the front. There is a front cutout where one can adjust the cinch above to make it larger or smaller. As seen, the cinch is loose and tied into a bow to keep the look more casual instead of showing more skin. The shoulders are another feature with bell-like sleeves that give the romper more personality. Lastly, what I adore most about this black romper is that the band gives your waist a simple, feminine look. You really can’t go wrong.

Making an outfit is key, instead of breaking it. In this case, bright colored jewelry is an absolute essential, especially if the main garment is a neutral color. With this outfit, the different colored necklace draws attention to the chest which then leads downwards to the detailing toward the middle of the piece of clothing. As for shoes, I chose to go with an off-gray, shimmery wedge that gave the necklace more attention.

What are your favorite summer essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

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