How to Plan the Perfect Day Trip With Your Girl Gang

August 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

The last month of summer is here, meaning it’s time to start ticking items off you and your girl gang’s summer bucket list before you part ways to your separate campuses. There’s no better way to spend these last few precious days than taking a day trip. Find a cool destination close to home, scout out fun things to do, pile in the car, and make a day out of it to ensure some of the best memories!

1—Choose a location and start Instagram stalking. The best day trip destinations are places that are only an hour or two away so you can jam-pack the day with as many fun activities as possible. Once the location and logistics are set, turn to the handy-dandy search page on Instagram and type in your destination. Insta-stalking allows you to find the cutest shops, restaurants, and photo ops you may otherwise miss. For me and my BFF’s day trip to Ann Arbor, MI, I turned to Instagram to find the most adorable café.

2—Consult the group message for the perfect #OOTD. The second any plans start to form, the first thought in every Fashionista’s mind is, “What am I going to wear?” I don’t know about you, but my group message blows up the night before a big day with pictures of possible outfits. For this outing, I paired a purple off-the-shoulder top with white pants. One of my friends wore an on-trend, DIY denim skirt, and the other paired a white T-shirt with pink linen pants.

3—When in doubt, brunch it out. My go-to day trip activity is always brunch. There’s nothing like a delicious brunch spread to fuel your big day. Plus, it’s nice to take a break and sit and chat with your girls before your busy day trip itinerary picks up.

4—Explore the area for hidden gems. While you’ve already got your list of destinations mapped out, sometimes the best spots are found when you step off the beaten path. If you pass something that catches your eye, go for it! Some of my favorite day trip memories are spots found while exploring, like this sweet little book store.

5—Start Snapping Away. One of my favorite things to do to commemorate a successful day trip is have a mini photoshoot. My girl gang and I love to find fun walls to pose in front of and take silly pictures. After all, pics or it didn’t happen, am I right?

How will you and your girl gang be spending your next day trip together? Let us know in the comments below.



  • Kate Day

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