The Perfect Back to School Outfit for the Procrastinating Fashionista

We’ve all encountered the draining and somewhat difficult process of getting ready for class every morning. For us ladies, these difficulties surface around everything you can possibly think of from our hair to our makeup and most importantly, our outfit. Sadly, these early morning struggles are soon approaching because school is back in session. However, that doesn’t mean we should start panicking and picking out our outfits a week in advance. But it does mean we should start getting ready to make sure we have a go-to outfit ready. A go-to-outfit is simple and enables you to conquer the day while looking your best. It can also help you out on the days when you are a procrastinating Fashionista.

For most of us, the semester will start off with pretty hot weather since we will still be in the summer. Luckily for us, we can use the lovely summer weather and take advantage of the ability to wear tank tops, shorts, and sandals. This also puts us at an advantage with the amount of time it’ll take us to get ready. The great weather will make this go-to-outfit a little more manageable and time-consuming than expected. This still gives us the option to dress up or down in a simple pair or shorts if we want, while still looking classy. It’s the perfect campus outfit that could also land you a job!

The outfit that I picked out as a go-to-outfit to start of the semester is composed of three simple basics: a tank, a pair of shorts, and a hat. Seems pretty ordinary, but looks quite extraordinary. It all started off with a simple white high neck tank that gave me the option to add some color and still show a bit of skin. I then added a pair of silky navy shorts. I continued on to my favorite part, the shoes. I didn’t hesitate to wear heels on campus because I am a lover of heels and anything that will keep me elevated. These clear pointy heels are trendy and elevate the whole look. To top off this look, I threw on a straw fedora with blue and red stripes. The red in the hat complemented my nails, and the blue complemented my shorts.

Adding on the straw hat completed this outfit. I was able to look cute, professional, and show up to class on time, which is what every go-to-outfit should achieve. When picking out go-to looks, just remember to keep these three factors in mind: simplicity, a pop of color, comfort. These shorts and tanks were great because they kept me cool in this hot weather. Keeping all these tools in mind will help you to create your very own go-to outfits.

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