Party for Palazzo: The Summer's Hottest Pants

July 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Similar to plaid, stripes, and white after Labor Day, long pants in the summer is something that can lead to a lot of raised eyebrows. Of course, this is because summer’s the time of year when we should wear things that let our skin breathe! A sea of short shorts, miniskirts, and sundresses always tends to drown out the lesser tapped market of summertime pants. However, in 2017, the resurgence of the palazzo pants trend has really allowed the out-of-season model to be contested, causing them to rise up from beneath the shadows and become a go-to pick for a scorching summer day.

What makes palazzo pants different and a more viable option than other long legged counterparts? The it factor lies in its lightweight material that creates a very loose silhouette with an unconstrained fit at the ankles. The result is a look reminiscent of ’70s style which hallmarks the need to rebel against form fitting shapes. To an accustomed skinny jeans wearer like myself, this seemingly baggy fit can be easy to shy away from. Pulling palazzo pants off requires wearing them in a way that won’t overwhelm the figure, despite the loose fit. The solution to remedy that fear can lie in two things:

One,—be selective on what you pair on top. Look for pieces that contrast the modesty. Tops that show skin or are tightly fitted can be apt ways for making Palazzo pants look tailored. Eye those crop top, bralettes, and deep necklines.

Two—attain some height with a subtle heel.  As usual, heels work to elongate the figure. The elongation is going to be really noticeable with the palazzo pants which can cause feet to visibly disappear when worn with flat-footed shoes.

I applied these tips by styling my palazzo pants in dynamic stripes with an off-the-shoulder top and block heels. The popularization of palazzo pants in 2017 really goes to show that a lot of times, the answer to fashion lies in deviating from the typical and really thinking counter-intuitively to what one would expect to be appropriate and fitting, which is a very liberating ideology in itself.

We’d love to see how you are styling this trend! Hit us up with our handle @Cfashionista on social media to show off your palazzo pants glam!