One Piece Wonder

July 13th, 2017 at 2:00am
One Piece Wonder

It’s officially romper and jumpsuit season! They are the perfect summer piece right now, relaxed and simple, but also stylish and classy. Jumpsuits are easy and comfortable too. Perfect for a summer bonfire, dinner at a beachside café, or even a casual Friday work day. Rompers are great once the summer sun gets hot. They are breezy and cozy, but also fun to wear to all different occasions, such as class, date night, or a shopping trip.

I wore my blue and white jumpsuit with casual tan heels and a sparkly gold belt. The heels don’t draw attention away from the design and the gold belt adds some contrast color from my red lips. I love playing around with color. I’m not afraid to make a statement.

I wore my brand new Missguided romper with my favorite going out black heels. My favorite part about this romper is the off-the-shoulder top. It’s fun to show off shoulders and collarbones!

You can’t forget accessories! I wore this adorable, dark blue diamond choker to add some detail to my neck. Then, I put my wide black belt around my waist to hide the cinch, but also to add some shape to my body. I love the way the patent material of the belt complements the cotton material of the romper.

For the final touch, I, of course, had to wear bright red lipstick that matched my red Coach wallet I carry around everywhere. I love the classic look. Black and white with a red lip. That’s all a girl needs in life.

How do you rock the off-the-shoulder trend? Let me know in the comments below.