Office Hours—Elle Strauss, Style Director of Shopbop

Confession time: I have a Shopbop addiction. If I have so much as five minutes free during my day, I am on Shopbop, scoping what’s new  and adding stuff to my seemingly always full cart.

If anyone can appreciate my obsession, it would be Elle Strauss. As the Style Director of Shopbop, Elle plays a vital role in working with the buyers, shaping the trends and making Shopbop the go-to fashion destination for so many Fashionistas like myself. She also happens to be one of the most delightful and charming people I have ever met.

Elle stopped by my apartment to catch up and chat about what it is like to work at Shopbop (spoiler alert—it leads to a lot of shopping) and the exhilaration of her role.

CollegeFashionista: Tell us a little about yourself and your role as Fashion Director at Shopbop.

Elle Strauss: I’ve been at Shopbop almost two years having previously worked in editorial at magazines. As Fashion Director I oversee the styling and visual direction of Shopbop’s front page. As a spokesperson for Shopbop I represent us at events and fashion shows across the globe from Australia to Paris. I accompany the Shopbop buyers into market and ensure the editorial point of view/current trends are captured within their buy.


CF: How did you get into the fashion industry?

ES: ELLE UK magazine was my catalyst. I arranged for an internship in the features department during University and secured a longer internship with their fashion department literally for the day I graduated! 

CF: What is your favorite part about working for Shopbop? 

ES: The people and the clothes!!

CF: What has been your favorite memory working for Shopbop? 

ES: I have so many already but probably having the opportunity to shoot in Rio, Brazil for our World Cup T-shirt collaboration with Elizabeth and James [would be my favorite].


CF: What trends are you already looking forward to for fall?

ES: Trends we saw at the recent fall runway shows include ’70s, in a big way, colors like army green, amber, marigold yellow, burgundy, pink and gray; elevated grunge with a ’90s feel, Victorian, sparkle, statement outerwear and seasonal must-haves like knee-high boots, bucket bags and turtlenecks [are all major for fall].