A Night Out on Different Campuses

June 19th, 2017 at 10:00am

Whether your definition of going out includes tailgating and game day dresses or tall boots and tight skirts, every Fashionista knows the perfect evening starts with the perfect outfit. Getting dressed to impress can mean so many different things depending on your school. An outfit for a state school party is going to be different than a look for a night on the town with your art school friends. Let’s explore what “going out attire” could be at four very different schools.

The style at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is anything but boring. Even the craziest clothes are accepted. Going out usually means throwing on unique shades of makeup and sporting something sheer and shiny. Whether it’s a music venue or a bar, Chicago has a special nightlife. With some of Tarte’s Trendy on the eyes and a Free People dress with some black booties, this Fashionista is ready to hit the streets—and then the L [train]—and then party!

The University of Missouri has a very different type of going out attire, quite the opposite of the party girl in Chicago. Tailgating, football games, bars, and frat parties: “Mizzou” never stops partying. This means your outfit game has to be strong all day. Every Tiger knows that your game day dress is just as important as the game (if not more), and the accessories have to be just as eye-catching. This dress from Altar’D State is a perfect piece to throw on for game day and look flawless. Make it your own by adding a unique handmade necklace, like this Fashionista did, or go with this cute piece from Anthropologie!

The University of Loyola Chicago definitely feeds off the vibe of the city, making the nightwear chill and easy to achieve. A good pair of jeans will go a long way with the right shirt and accessories. A stylish yet simple watch and hat dress up an otherwise casual look. This Fashionista is definitely ready for a night out in Wrigleyville or Lincoln Park with her friends.

Washington University students live by their motto: “Work hard, play hard.” Your going-out outfit has to be fierce yet manageable, as the night usually consists of frat party hopping and then grabbing a late dinner in the cafeteria. A unique denim cut with a cute and simple shirt will make sure you are photo-ready but also always ready to roll. Check out this J. Crew look put together by this Fashionista!

What does a night out at your campus look like? Tag @CFashionista to show us what you’re wearing!