Why You Need to Take a Hike

Why You Need to Take a Hike

With the stress (or maybe lack thereof) during summer, you need to take a break at some point. Between finding a job, worrying about spending too much money, and contemplating hitting the gym for that summer bod, I am always looking for a nice way to relax. What better way to relax than enjoying some fresh air? There are probably a plethora of amazing trails to explore nearby!

With summer now in full bloom, both the weather and time to hike are working in your favor. During the school year, it could be hard to find that time to really go outdoors, especially in Seattle. Downpours and massive amounts of work to do for school were real hindrances. But, unplugging from the world can be a great stress reliever. You hear the birds chirping and don’t have to worry about the chaos of the city or school.

Hiking can definitely be intimidating; I don’t normally go alone, so hit up your friends that are up for a little bit of a challenge! Also, make sure you do your research on your local trails. Figure out where the entrances are and nearby available parking—you don’t want to be driving in circles. Be sure you’re prepped for weather and have plenty of water. Bringing the right gear and wearing the right outfit can prevent injuries in the case of an emergency. Another tip I have to offer is to respect the trails and other hikers. There have been many times I’ve hiked and seen people trampling over leaves and bushes. You are a “trespasser” in nature’s home, so respect the animals and trees!

Personally, hiking up towards a lake or a gorgeous view is such a rewarding experience. It’s both a mental and physical challenge to push yourself to get to the top. Once you’re up there, you enjoy everything that nature has to offer. The calmness of it all, that fresh air, and the accomplishment of finishing; all of this combined is the reason you need to take a hike!

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