Why You Need a Signature Look

August 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

A signature look is the epitome of personal style. It is the right direction toward creating a refined, organized wardrobe, but it’s also just the beginning for any Fashionista. Regardless of who you are, this post is all about how to find your own signature look that is true to you!

Your signature look is the essence of your style. It is the outfit people picture when they think of you. A defining look that truly has no limits.

It is something that truly showcases your personality and ideal aesthetic. It is also something that all fashion icons have in common, think Bridgette Bardot and Iris Apfel. The fun with fashion is that no matter what you wear, it’s never wrong.

So you may be asking, why do I need a personal look? Well to begin, style is a concept. A concept is an idea or a plan, like a theme to a party, or a character in a movie. You wouldn’t want to experience something that seems a bit half-done, but rather something that showed you put thought into it.

When you have a signature look it says a lot about you. It says you know who you are, what you like, and what you look good in. This self-knowledge comes hand-in-hand with confidence or rather knowing you, enhancing whatever look you might be going for.

Be unapologetically you! The only way to truly create your own signature look is knowing and accepting yourself. Everyone is wonderful in their own unique way, and with fashion it allows us to truly show who we are! Don’t be afraid to express yourself for the fear of being judged, rather than be influenced by others perceptions, be the influencer!

What is your favorite way to express yourself? Let us know in the comments below!