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These College Students are Celebrating Graduation in the Best Way

May 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Created with David Yurman

College is filled with major moments. From moving for the first time to meeting the people that will become your best friends, it’s impossible to put into words the impact those four years have on the rest of your life. All the “firsts” and special moments can be difficult to remember, but the significance of each one is as important as the experience as a whole, and something that no one wants to forget.

When it comes time to graduate, everyone wants to honor the memories made as a college student—but celebrating in a way that encompasses the incredible experience of college is easier said than done. So how do you wrap up all best parts of college into one memento that will last forever? Whether it’s remembering the feeling of exploring a new home for the first time or just keeping a little piece of the college spirit alive, every college grad wants a timeless piece that will remind them of the great times they had when they’re beginning their journey into the real world. Keep reading to see how these soon-to-be-graduates are reliving their college memories for years to come.

Moving to a new city can be incredibly daunting for new students—but where we go to college inevitably leaves a special place in our hearts. Monica San Luis from Boston University says she’ll never forget the experience of exploring Boston for the first time—and her David Yurman pieces help her relive the sparkle of that memory every day.







Every graduate has a little trouble letting go, which is why a memento to keep the college spirit alive is the perfect gift for grads. For Taylor Hale from George Washington University, the David Yurman ring is the best way to hold on to her favorite memories. “After four years of Raising High,” she says, “I’ll be able to keep a little Buff and Blue with me wherever I go.”







Leaving the closeness of your sorority sisters for the real world is a difficult transition. For Rachel Gregson from Virginia Commonwealth University, the David Yurman pearl bracelet allows her to carry a little part of her sorority and the bonds of sisterhood wherever she goes. Whether it’s a bracelet shared with a friend or a memorable color incorporated into a piece, the timelessness of a piece of jewelry can bring back countless memories for years to come.







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