We Found the Perfect Festival Hairstyle, Depending on Your Taste in Music

Sometimes the best part of music festivals isn’t the music itself, but rather the culture that comes with it. Everyone who buys a ticket to a festival sort of agrees that they will be accepting of unique ways of dressing and dancing that seem to only be appropriate in the moment.

Any Fashionista prepping for a music festival is, of course, ready to make a statement with their outfit, accessories, and even their makeup. But what about their hair? Who really wants to rock another flower crown?

Ditch the cliché and get ready to be the ultimate trendsetter this season by trying one of these festival hairstyles.

Space Buns: EDM divas consider space buns to be their go-to style. I don’t blame them; they’re a fun and easy style to pull off. Part your hair down the center and pull your hair into two pony tails on either side of your head. (You can zig-zag your part for added intrigue!) Twist your tails and then wrap them around the elastic at the base of your head, securing with another elastic and bobby pins. For a more experienced stylist, french or dutch braid the front or back of your hair leading up into the buns. Spray with hairspray to hold everything in place, maybe add some glitter for fun, and you’re ready to dance without hair swinging in your face!

Side Cornrows: Pretend you’re a hip hop star and flip all of your hair to one side, curling your hair beforehand for added texture. Just above your ear, select a small section of hair and create a small braid tight against your head. Repeat until you have four rows of braids, making sure to secure each end with an elastic. I recommend wearing a different earring in each ear to create an added edgy effect to your hairstyle.

Boho Braids: If you’re going for an indie vibe at your festival, perhaps try this braided look. After curling your locks, pull out some pieces of hair to frame your face and then moving back on the head just a little, start a dutch braid close to the crown of the head on both sides. After you have braided halfway, continue in a regular braid and gather the ends  of both braids and tie them together with an elastic at the back of the head. Weave in colored ribbon or cord to the braid for an added boho effect.

Front Fishtail: If you really want to rock-out and let your hair swing wild, try this fishtail braid. Part your hair down the center, and then pull it back into a fishtail braid down across the front of your part. If you struggle with fishtail braiding, a dutch or french braid technique would create a similar effect. Spritz your ends with texturizing spray and tease a little to pump up the volume.

What is your favorite music festival hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!