This Morning Routine is Totally Doable for Even the Busiest College Student

Morning used to be something you either i) dreaded; ii) rushed through; or iii) (through strategic scheduling) skipped all together. But lately, it feels like this once neglected part of the day has been the topic of conversation in the media. And with good reason! Your morning routine is a reflection of your day.

If you are slacking or in a rush, the rest of your day might just be the same. Giving yourself time in the morning to relax and get ready is key to feeling prepared to take on a big day. Maybe this means getting up an hour early or meal prepping, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Don’t know where to start in creating the perfect start to the day? We’ve created the ideal morning routine that even the busiest of college student can master.

Start with a…

1—A Balanced BreakfastSkipping breakfast is a serious no-no. Breakfast gives you the energy to take on your day. If you skip the most important meal, you might find yourself crashing midday (hello 3 pm slump). My favorite breakfast option at the moment are smoothie bowls packed with fruits, dairy, and grain. I always drink a glass of ice water in the morning as well. It helps to wake me up, plus you can never drink enough.

2—A little R&RReading and relaxing. Maybe not exactly what you were thinking, but reading a few pages or a few chapters in the morning makes me ready to take on my day. Pairing this with my breakfast is the perfect combination. I chose a motivational book because it gets excited about my future and makes me feel “awesome.”

3—Products that are “actually” good for your hairNext is the shower. I like to pamper myself, so I choose products that smell and feel great. A bad hair day always makes me feel unprepared and disorganized, so showering every morning is the fix for me.

4—Planning ahead

After the shower, I’m not quite ready to start my makeup. I spend a few minutes journaling or writing in my planner. Seeing what I have to accomplish that day makes it seem not as daunting. Making checklists that I can cross off throughout the day, gives me, even more, motivation.

5—Relax with a Spotify playlist

Who doesn’t love music? I have a few different playlists on Spotify, but I prefer laid back and chill music for the morning. This helps me get ready and prepare myself.

6—Taking Care of that Skin

Skin care is essential. Although I rely on a few different products to get my skin looking great throughout the day, I find myself constantly using lotion and Benefits POREfessional primer. My skin has never looked better.

7—Who said Makeup?

Again, I promise I use more than three makeup products but these are my go-tos. Foundation, highlighter, and blush. You won’t see me leaving the house without using these products first.

8—Looking Put Together

This is something you can do the night before; outfit plan. It’s a nice feeling to wake up with your outfit already laid out; you won’t even have to blink an eye. Even if you aren’t feeling 100% don’t rely on sweatpants to be the cure. To me sweats make me feel worse (unless I’m lounging around at home all day… I wish). Sweaters and jeggings honestly are a pretty comfy combination anyways.

And then you’re ready!

This eight-step process is rather simple but will make you feel like your ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

What’s your morning routine? Let me know in the comments below!