MINI ME: Short Hemlines

Why is it that everything in miniature form is so darn adorable? We’ve got mini cupcakes, mini golf, mini versions of any dog—I could miniaturize anything and it would be received with a maximum “aww.”

This affection towards anything tiny might also apply to your favorite closet staples. Mini skirts and dresses might seem daunting at first; after all, showing off your gams and remembering to crouch down—NOT bend over—when picking up those books you dropped, requires a certain level of responsibility when wearing one. But with the right pair of tights, tall boots or sheer confidence, rocking one yourself might not be too much of a stretch.

So let your fears go (it’s not like mini skirts are spiders or snakes), and see how these Style Gurus make the most of shorter hemlines this fall season. Just remember: when in doubt, wear tights.

1. Central Michigan University

Kelly 2

Photo by Alexis Kelly

2. St. John’s University

Ng 2

Photo by Kara Ng

3. San Diego State University

Sweeney 2 mini

Photo by Sydney Sweeney

4. Depauw University

Morales100115-5 2

Photo by Elizabeth Morales