Midwest Style for an East Coast Girl

Midwest Style for an East Coast Girl

Everyone knows the East Coast girl, the West Coast girl, and every girl in between have their own distinct style. However, it is easy to identify that a girl living in New York City probably wouldn’t be looking like they just came from a day on the beach like a Malibu girl would. Yet, I love to be bold with my style and wear pieces inspired by different cities and locations around the U.S. because it’s unique, fun, and I have an appreciation for a variety of different style ideas.

For this look specifically, I chose to wear vintage, Midwestern-inspired pieces of clothing for a day. An East Coast summer can be back and forth with the constantly changing weather. Meaning it is necessary to pick an outfit with pieces that are versatile. The caramel felt hat is not too oversize but added just enough shade for my face in the middle of what was a warm day. I paired that with an off-the-shoulder top that added pattern and definition to my outfit. Now, to truly bring out the Midwestern vibes, I wore a light pink necktie. I have never worn an accessory like this, but it really made me feel that I was simply taken out of Virginia for a day and put on a ranch in Colorado.

To say I am obsessed with fringe is an understatement. My favorite piece of the entire outfit is easily the light brown, felt mini skirt with a flower pattern and fringe on the side. Like the necktie, the fringe on the miniskirt gives the outfit that Midwestern touch and turns an ordinary outfit into something exciting. I threw on a light pink leather jacket to add a bit of color to the outfit and to coordinate with my necktie and other accessories.

Overall, the outfit successfully made me feel as if I were living in a different city and area for a day. One of the best things about fashion and clothing is that it can make you feel whatever you feel like being on a certain day. Clothing can inspire you, make you feel more confident, and for me, make me feel like I can enjoy the styles of other places in the world without even having to travel. For all you Fashionistas out there that love where you live, embrace your local style and also be inspired to wear clothing from different places with their own unique influences.

What style of clothing would you wear to switch up your daily wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!