Michelle Phan's Greatest Achievement Has Nothing To Do With Makeup or YouTube

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It’s hard to imagine Michelle Phan before she became a YouTube sensation. But before any of her over 8.8 million YouTube followers knew who she was, Phan was just like you, a regular college student trying to find her path in life. When she made a last minute decision to study art instead of medicine after high school, Phan had no idea what life had in store—but, as she wisely told us, you can’t plan for success.

Phan is an OG when it comes to makeup tutorials and building a brand on YouTube. This social media pioneer had the confidence and intellect to do something that most people with that kind of meteoric rise would be too afraid to do—she went on a digital detox. After spending nearly 10 years building her multimillion-dollar brand, Phan needed some time away. Could she have become irrelevant? Maybe. Was it risky? Of course. But by taking a hiatus, Phan was able to refocus and come back stronger and more innovative and relevant than ever.

We were lucky enough to speak candidly with the beauty guru about what she wishes she could tell her 22-year-old self, the power of failure, and why her greatest achievement has nothing to do with followers (hint: it involves her mom). Listen up on this week’s episode of #CFofficehours!

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Get ready to get schooled in style (and learn a thing or two in the process).

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Photos via Michelle Phan.