Menswear Is for the Girls

Summer—the season of weddings, graduation celebrations, and internships. Men have it easy when it comes to dressing for these events. No matter the occasion, a button-down shirt, sleek pair of pants and a matching belt can always keep the men in our lives looking sharp. So this had me thinking, should we be taking more fashion tips from our fathers? The answer is yes!

One of my favorite pieces of menswear for the summer season is a crisp white button-down shirt. This is a staple summer item for any man’s wardrobe as it can be casually styled or dressed up with a tie for a formal occasion. Wearing a clean, white shirt leaves room to explore fun and interesting colors for pants and accessories, such as this striped ribbon belt.

To put my own spin on this classic summer look for men, I used an oversize dress shirt from my father’s closet and turned it into a dress. To make the look more interesting I kept the top buttons unbuttoned and created an off-the-shoulder silhouette, which is popular in women’s fashion this season. I added a pop of color with some high-waisted purple shorts underneath and cinched my waist with a ribbon belt from F.H. Wadsworth. The kitten heels and floral necklace added the perfect dose of femininity to the outfit.

What I loved most about this outfit was not only the power and confidence it gave me but also how the feminine aspects perfectly coincided with the masculinity of the look. It is fun to find creative ways to wear/transform simple garments into something else. This was a great outfit for that challenge. You could wear this look out to lunch with friends, to your internship, or even out on a date! The possibilities are endless with such a classic outfit.

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