Calling All Dreamers: You're Invited to the C Future Conference

We know our community is filled with the most ambitious, talented students. We see the work you’re doing, know the goals you’re shooting for, and admire the effort you put in on the daily. So, we figured, why not create a space where we can bring you together with industry professionals to learn, get inspired, and network? Enter: C Future Conference. We’re all about supporting you while you hustle towards those career dreams, so this October you’re invited to join us at FIT for a day filled with exciting opportunities to help you do just that. Excited? We are too. Read on for more details!

So, what is the C Future Conference?

C Future is an immersive conference full of inspiring talks from leaders in the fashion, beauty, media, and tech industries — an event for honest and diverse career advice to help guide your professional journey.

Okay, and where is this happening?

The conference is taking place at the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre at FIT on Friday, October 5th from 10 AM – 1 PM.

Who's invited?

You, of course! We originally planned for FIT and NYC students with valid ideas, but now we have tickets available for students out of state, too. Head over to the “C Future” tab at the top of this page to RSVP. Or follow this link right here.

Are tickets super expensive?

Nope! We believe in making important things like career help accessible to everyone. Tickets are completely free. You still have to RSVP, though.

Who will be speaking?

Okay, prepare to freak out. We have a pretty amazing lineup of powerful industry leaders coming to speak to you. Linda Wells, founder of Flesh Beauty (and founder of Allure magazine nbd); Hillary Kerr, co-founder and chief ideation officer of Clique Brands; Cindy Nguyen, associate events manager at Dolce & Gabbana; Gena Kaufman, director of social media at Vogue; and Gina Marinelli the senior editor at Who What Wear are just a few of the amazing faces you’ll be hearing from. Check out the C Future Conference website for the full lineup.

What if I have more questions?

Just hop on over to the C Future Website.

Where do I RSVP again?

You guessed it… the C Future Website.