I Meditated Every Day for One Week and Here's What Happened

As someone who constantly feels stressed and anxious, I didn’t think something as simple as meditation could do anything. Sounds harsh, but I didn’t actually think meditation could be the potential answer to my never-ending stress when exercise, a healthy diet, and a close network of friends and family didn’t help. Then, after a particularly stressful week, I threw my hands into the air and said, “Why not try meditation?” After meditating every day for one week, here’s what I learned.

1—Stress gets easier to deal with. While meditation won’t get rid of your stress—at least not all of it—it does help with learning how to manage your stress and how to not get overwhelmed by it. Meditating simply provides you with a mental break every now and then from the everyday stresses of life.

2—You learn to live in the present. Worrying about the past and stressing about the future becomes less of a problem when you meditate. Since meditation is all about living in the present and focusing on what it is you’re doing now, it becomes a habit that makes every day just a little bit happier.

3—Patience becomes easier to practice. Some days are harder to meditate than others, therefore they’re going to require you to be more patient with yourself. This patience can also extend outside of your meditation sessions and into your everyday life, making it easier for you to be patient in situations where you’d normally be impatient.

4—You get happier. Being less stressed, less worried, and more patient allows you to be happier. After my first time meditating, I immediately felt happier. The amount of stress at work was the same and so were my daily responsibilities, but I felt better. Meditating every day taught me to focus on the good and get over the bad.

The bottom line is that meditation is simply a great way to take a mental break. It can help you get ready for your day or wind down at night before bed. Maybe meditation can be your new cup of coffee or tea in the mornings! However you do it, practicing the art of mindfulness each day allows you to be happier. It’s that simple. You’ll be more present in each day and find that your hardest days are that much easier to get through. Taking 10 minutes a day to meditate might just be the answer to your never-ending stress.

Have you ever tried meditating? Let me know in the comments below!