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March Mood Board—Lost and Found

March 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Hello, March! After months spent wrapped in winter coats and weather advisories, we thought you would never arrive. The new month means that we are in the thralls of every college students favorite time of the year—spring break!

Spring break is the light at the end of the winter/midterm/stress tunnel. The tickets have been purchased. The dates circled in your calendar. Let the vacation begin! And while, sure, having a week off from classes (and hopefully in an exotic location) would make any one giddy in an anticipation, don’t let this time be your only opportunity to step away from your routine.

Let every day be a chance to “get-away” from the norm. Take a different route to class. Try a trend that has always intimidated you. Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. Seek new experiences and connections. Get comfortable in the uncomfortable. In getting lost in these moments, you are bound to learn, grow, and even surprise yourself in what you find in the process.

This month is all about change—in scenery, season, and you. All month long, we will be bringing you content focused on embracing this concept of lost and found. From exploring your campus to pushing your personal style to inspiring stories that challenge your comfort zone, check back throughout March as we encourage you to make every day a reason to explore.

To kick-off this month, check out our March Mood Board on Pinterest for inspiration in your personal quest of being lost and found.