For so long, cats have gotten a bad rap, which may or may not be justified according to some people (and by “some people” I mean the author of this piece). Black cats, alley cats, all those shows on TLC with the ladies who have 27 pregnant feral cats living in their bedroom… No thanks.

Enter the kitten heel. It’s not so much a heel as a nub. A heel that has yet to mature into a “full grown” stiletto, if you will. Usually about an inch and half high, a kitten heel seems to be caught in this world where it can’t decide if it is a pump or flat.

I, too, feel confused about the kitten heel. As a dog owner and someone who is highly allergic to cats, I was obviously wary of this trend from the get-go based solely on the name. (Just kidding. Kind of…) But I had to ask—a kitten is obviously the cutest version of a cat. But is the kitten heel really the cutest version of a heel?

The truth is I live my life extremes—and by that I mean I am either in sneakers or heels four inches and up. My footwear decision is based on my lifestyle. During the week, I am either a) going to/leaving/contemplating going to the gym or b) going to/leaving/contemplating going to work. (Once again, kidding on the contemplating work thing. Kind of…). I am decisive in my decision making in all facets of my life. So did I really want to be caught wearing shoes that by their nature can’t make up their mind?

Instead of totally knocking the idea of a kitten heel, I decided to give it a try (and by “try” I mean online shop) because 1. YOLO and 2. any excuse is a good excuse to get a new pair of shoes, am I right? Everyone and their mom (literally) has been seen wearing them. Why couldn’t I be a crazy cat/kitten heel lady, too?

With my new shoes in toe (or covering my toes, really), I embarked on the day hovering an inch above the ground. And ya know what, it wasn’t so bad. There was something in them that made me feel a bit more polished and grown-up. Perhaps it was the lack of laces or the fact I was able to still walk like a human after wearing them for a full day, but the kitten and I got along without any scratches or need for an Allegra pill.

Who am I “kitten” (see the pun I did there), they aren’t going to replace my trusty sneakers and stilettos. But there’s always room for more shoes in the litter of my footwear collection.

What’s your take? Loving or hating the kitten heel? Let us know on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista!