Los Angeles Summer Lifestyle

Los Angeles Summer Lifestyle

In Los Angeles, there is a focus on achieving a healthy lifestyle, especially during the summer when people have more free time. It is important to take care of yourself and to treat yourself in order to have the energy and motivation to take on daily life. Below, I will share with you some of my summer 2017 essentials including beauty products and various ways that I like to re-energize.

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Healthy Body and Mind

Although meditation is not for everyone, it works like magic in terms of relieving my stress. After meditating, I feel like all my worries have been tossed off a cliff. I prefer to meditate in the morning when I wake up or at night right before I go to bed. I like to light a candle in addition to dimming the lights because both make me more relaxed. I close my eyes and imagine a favorite place where I have been and this takes my mind away from the present moment. This is one way to meditate but there a many other ways online that may work better for some people.

Yoga, with meditation at the end, burns calories as well as calms the mind. Hiking is a popular activity that gives you a break from the city and you can be completely immersed in nature when you exercise (instead of staring at the gym equipment and the crowded room of sweaty people which is not exactly the prettiest site). I love to hike Runyon Canyon Park, a trail that gives you the most amazing view of the city, as well as along the coast of Malibu where the coastal breeze is refreshing.

LA Lifestyle: Hike in Runyon Canyon Park

LA Lifestyle: Hike in Malibu

Healthy Meals

This summer, I find myself eating pretty much nothing except acai and poke bowls. Even though I am not vegan, the vegan culture is very prevalent in LA, and somehow, the food tastes great. I sometimes venture to vegan eateries The Springs or Café Gratitude, which are both located in the arts district of downtown LA.

LA Lifestyle: Poke Bowl

LA Lifestyle: The Springs

LA Lifestyle: Acai Bowl

Healthy Skincare

Using light products is the best thing you can do for yourself as well as your skin during the summer. The intense, dry heat in LA sometimes becomes unbearable so honestly good luck with a face caked with makeup. I have been using rose water, Origin’s Checks and Balances frothy face wash, Aveeno’s daily moisturizer with SPF 15, and a face mask (I love ones with sugar or charcoal to clear my pores and get rid of dry skin). Also, my go-to scent for this summer is Anatomy’s wildflower and bergamot.

Minimal Makeup

Two makeup products that I use daily and strongly recommend are Covergirl’s Outlast All-Day Concealer, which is super easy to apply and really does last for an entire day, and Glossier’s dew effect highlighter. The highlighter is great because the inside layer is moisturizer which gives you a nice dew-like effect.

Natural Hair

Messy hair is perfect for the summer because it looks cute and requires minimal effort. I use a wide tooth comb to prevent breakage. Two products I use right after a shower are Pureology’s AntiFadeComplex, which I apply to the ends so that they curl, and Ogx’s Coconut Milk Anti-Breaking Serum to give my hair extra strength.

Let me know in the comments if you try any of these summer products or tips!