There's More Than Meets The Eyes When It Comes To These Fashionistas' Hairstyles

Ah, hair. It’s the crown we never take off, the star of 80% of any selfie we take, and one of the first things people notice about us. It is a superficial marker we often define ourselves with and feel our entire identities rely on it. If your not the girl with the long/short/blonde/pink hair, who are you? (Spoiler alert—you’re still the same you!)

Everybody’s ‘do has a story. From deciding to chop it all off for charity, dye it gray on a whim, or embracing natural curls, there’s more than meets the eye. So we wanted to know, what was the story behind some of the gorgeous manes here at CollegeFashionista.

Check out these beautiful ladies and their hair-story.

Karli, Fashion Institute of Technology

“I cut 14 inches off of my hair because I wanted a change before my next chapter in life: college. It was one of the most liberating experiences I’ve ever had, and went towards a great cause. Every once in a while, I do miss my long hair, but I don’t think I’ll grow it out again. My long hair reminds me too much of my high school days— no thanks.”

Sadia, Fordham University—

“I have super curly hair, and I spent about three years growing it out! Unfortunately, my split ends were becoming unbearable so I knew a cut was on the horizon, but I avoided one for several months. After caving, I had about five to six inches cut off (sounds crazy) but I loved it! My hair has never been so full, healthy and happy! It’s a sophisticated look that’s easier to manage and compliments my face and my style perfectly.”

Toni, Fashion Institute of Technology

“I did the big chop about two years ago. I went natural after having a perm because I wanted my curls back. I realized my hair wouldn’t curl the same or even grow long (down my back) if I stuck to the relaxers.  Now, my hair is much thicker than before, and I love my Afro and kinky curls.”

Jackie, New York Institute of Technology

“I did a dye job and ombré myself… let’s just say it went horribly wrong! I went to a hair salon hoping they could fix it and insisted that they kept it long no matter what (despite the fact that I’d sort of been wanting to try short hair for a while). The next day, I went back and just told her to chop it all off. Afterwards, it felt so liberating! Since then, I’d say it helped me start doing things because I wanted to, and I became less concerned with how other people viewed me.”

Kayla, North Caroline A&T University

“When I was younger, my hair was bra-strap length, but years of perm made it very brittle and damaged. Not being used to such a short length, I didn’t feel like myself, and grew to be a bit insecure about it. Five years ago, I decided to go natural, and I am now so content with my healthy, beautiful curls. I embrace the texture of hair that I was born with. I do want to spice up my look and dye my hair a different color, but I’m so indecisive at the moment!”

Kate, University of North Florida

“I just wanted to cut off some weight from my hair & add some dimension with balayage! It made me feel way more carefree. I spend way less time styling my hair in the mornings because it’s actually fun to have a messy look and play around with different lengths!”

Attiyya, LIM College

“One night after taking my braids out, I just went to town with the scissors for a spontaneous change. Afterward, I felt liberated and so free. I do want to grow my hair back to its original length, but only because styling is pretty difficult this cut. [Still no regrets!]”

Shelby, Fashion Institute of Technology

“I recently cut my hair and got bangs! I really just wanted to switch things up, since I’ve had the same hairstyle for a few years. I also wanted bangs because they frame my face and I always loved the look of them on others!”

Annabelle, Style Guru @ Penn State University

“When I got to college, I felt uncomfortable because everyone was so cookie cutter. I bleached and then dyed my hair as a way to regain my sense of individuality. I change my hair color all the time now, and it’s become part of my identity. My hair makes me feel happy, reminds me of who I am, and reminds me to stay true to myself.”

If there’s one word that seems to describe the overall effect of a drastic hair change, it’s liberation. Though change often makes us anxious, perhaps it’s the best confidence booster of them all!

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