How to Keep up With This Year's Fashion Trends

August 7th, 2017 at 2:00am

Fashion is interesting because it is always repeating. We go back in time, decade by decade, and pick out our best looks from that era. Whether you’re an early adopter, the early majority, or a laggard, you’ve most likely seen recurring styles. The summer trends of 2017 consist of bright pops of color, mom jeans, raw edges, and gingham—so much gingham.

Black and white are colors that you should always keep as basics in your closet, but this summer we’ve branched out on our fashion and embraced accent colors. We are slowly letting go of our all-black wardrobe, and heading towards the ’70s look. We’ve already been seeing a lot of bold yellows and reds as our fashion colors, then we have pink and greens as accent colors. Art exhibits, buildings, street style, psychology, music, movies, and so many more things inspire us every day. This is how we get our current colors.

This next trend was taken from the ’90s: mom jeans.

The ’90s started coming back last year. This year we’ve already started looking back at the ’70s, but some ’90s classics have managed to stick around. With shows like Friends still taking part in our daily dose of TV, it’s easy to look at Monica Geller or Rachel Green and think yes, I want those pants. These mom jeans go with almost everything, so it’s hard to let them go.

The next trend is gingham, this summer’s hottest trend. This one is easy to find out on the streets of the city. If you own anything gingham, keep it, because this trend will be sticking around for a while. You can wear a gingham dress, bathing suit, top, pants, you name it, and it looks great on everyone.

Hopefully, now you know a few simple ways to spot the upcoming and current trends.

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