How to Keep Hair Strong and Healthy

September 6th, 2017 at 2:06am

If someone were to ask you, “What are your must-have hair care products?” Would you know the answer off the top of your head? Some of us may know, however, the answer is based on our hair care experiences. No matter the hair type, texture, or length, we should all focus on finding products that protect our hair. Taking the time to research the types of deep conditioning products, shampoos, and more brings us closer to maintaining healthy hair and feeling like we should be featured in the next TRESemmé commercial.

Keeping up with hair maintenance can seem overwhelming. You’ve probably spent hours trying to find the right product that works for you. You even might have splurged a little more than you intended. While the same product may not work for everyone, I guarantee that understanding the following guides will definitely change your hair game for the better. Don’t worry, soon you won’t need a stylist to give your hair the extra pep in its step.

PHOTO: Odalis Uscanga


They say healthy hair starts at the root. While it may seem like a no-brainer, finding the right shampoo is essential. Pay attention to how your hair reacts seasonally and when it’s air-drying. Figure out what you want and need from a product. Do you want volume, shine, or moisture? Asking the following questions and probably with the help of your hairstylist can make a significant difference in your hair routine.

PHOTO: Odalis Uscanga

Deep Conditioning Mask

Just because you haven’t stepped anywhere near a boardwalk this summer doesn’t mean your hair didn’t get some damage. Color-treated or not, your hair deserves nourishment along with your shampoo. A deep conditioner contains small molecules that are intended to absorb into each strand and give moisture from the inside out (whereas a regular conditioner just sits on top of your hair). Depending on how much hair you have will vary on the times a week you will use a mask. Try using it two to three times a week and leave it on for about five to 10 minutes. Your hair will be thanking you soon.

Leave-in Conditioning 

Since we’re clearly on the topic of happy and healthy hair, using a leave-in conditioning spray work wonders on those locks. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a serum, spray, or cream—they all do the same job. You would use a leave-in conditioner once you’re fresh out the shower. Added to the deep conditioning, a leave-in conditioner won’t weigh your hair down. It’ll simply give you the added benefits of moisture, shine, and no frizz.


Oil is not your enemy. You need oils to fill up the cuticles that provide you with healthy hair. It’s so versatile! It can be used on clean or dirty hair. It will protect your hair from heat along with repairing those split ends. The way I recommend using an oil is by parting it into two sections. Start with one drop and run your fingers through and then for an even distribution use a comb (repeat the same steps to the second section). Always work from your ends up!

PHOTO: Odalis Uscanga

Taking care of your hair starts one strand at a time. Share pictures of your lustrous locks on social media and tag @Cfashionista!