June Mood Board: Find the Kid in You

June is the official kickoff to the summer season, and there’s nothing better than fun in the sun. Schools out and it’s time to get your summer on! Not to mention that summer’s great because the burden of schoolwork is long gone. What’s not to love about June?

Be you, be youthful! June is a time for playfulness and youthfulness. With shimmering sun, bloomed flowers, and sun-kissed skin, June is the month for you to be playful and youthful in your daily lifestyle. June is the month for you to find the kid in you again.

Don’t you remember summer being a time to let loose, be free, and enjoy your free time as a kid? The world had a boatload of opportunities and you were the entrepreneur. It was so easy to pick up something new and enjoy it because you were genuinely happy. Take time for yourself this June and reflect on childhood memories and memories in general that remind you of how happy you were.

School, work, friends, and family are all very important; however, remember to take time for yourself and your happiness because it’s your life you’re living, not someone else’s. Happiness is a state of mind, and it’s your choice to embrace it or not. June is the month for you to focus on things in life that simply make you feel like a kid again, just be happy!

June is an invigorating time of the year. It’s time for you to be compassionate and playful with the things you do, and do it because you love it! I encourage you to find the kid in you again and enjoy the old things you love, or even new things. Whether that means being playful in what you wear, what you eat, or what activities you would like to try, spice up your life! You have more than good weather and good company this summer—celebrate the kid in you!

What are some things you would like to change this June to be youthful? When is the last time you felt youthful and happy? Let us know in the comments below!