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4 Female Activists That Will Inspire You To Make A Difference

We all are equipped with the ability to have a positive impact on the world. It doesn’t matter what your age is or where you are from; the key is to be passionate and to just go out and do. Participate in peaceful protests; be active in your government; join local community groups. Use whatever your craft is to share your voice and create change.

You are capable of changing the world. To inspire you to do so, here are four young female activists who are going above and beyond to make a difference in the world.

1 – June Eric-Udorie: Just 18 years old, June Eric-Udorie is making strides for women and minorities across the globe. Recently the winner of Elle Magazine’s Female Activist of the Year, Udorie is a student, writer, and campaigner for women’s rights. Some of the steps she has taken to raise awareness on the importance of feminism include writing for The Guardian, speaking on national platforms like BBC 4’s Women’s Hour and amending the United Kingdom A- Level curriculum to add feminism as a core topic.

Her goal is to become a lawyer so that she can lobby for real change in the justice system. Currently she is working on her second book, “Untitled Feminism Anthology,” set to release early-March of 2018.

 (Photo via @juneericudorie)

2 – Tatyana Fazlalizadeh: Artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh uses her powerful illustrations to bring tough issues to the forefront of conversation. Some of the topics she tackles in her work include racism, women’s issues like catcalling, and equality.

Fazlalizadeh has been featured all over the country and on major television networks like Oxygen and BET. She has also held her own exhibitions in a variety of universities and continues to get her work commissioned for large projects. Her current installation emphasizes that the world is innately diverse and always has been. The works of art are in display at BRIC Arts Media in Brooklyn.

 (Photo via @tlynnfaz)

3 – Sofia Campos: Sofia Campos is pioneering changes for the United States immigration policy. As a new graduate from the University of California, Campos began her fight for equality. She launched United We Dream, a global network of small organizations led by our generation raising awareness for undocumented immigration.

Campos’ fearlessness of being unapologetic of sharing her own status as an undocumented immigrant proves her determination to change the perception people of have immigrants. Through her work with United We Dream, Campos has been able to reach a milestone under President Obama’s Deferred Action Plan. The plan enables undocumented students to not be deported but they can also obtain a two year work permit to remain in the United States. She continues to fight for the rights of undocumented immigrants to obtain legal status.

 (Photo via @unitedwedream)

4 – Shannon Turner: Seeing the lack of women in technologically-driven fields, Shannon Turner created Hear Me Code. Hear Me Code is an organization that teaches women how to code. The best part is that her program is completely free. The classes give women vital skills to enter into industry but also foster a great community of empowering women with like-minds for innovation.

Aside from Hear Me Code, Turner works hard to uplift all people by campaigning for the equal rights of women, minorities, the LGBT Community and ending sexual assault.

 (Photo via @hearmecode)

What activists are inspiring you to do more in your communities? Share them with us in the comments below.