How to Style Your Favorite Middle School Mini in Your 20s

It’s a blast from the sartorial past as the denim miniskirts of our middle school days creep back into style. But fast forward a decade later and the way we styled them the first time around no longer makes the cut (face palm).

And while we avoid ‘adulting’ at all costs, it’s time to take the first step by revitalizing a whole new take on the denim mini. Say goodbye to insanely distressed, low rise, super short skirts, and hello to a tasteful denim dream. With a fresh upgrade and some polished touches, this style is back in much better ways.

To break it down for you, here’s four foolproof ways to wear your mini like an adult. (As in, how to not look like you are going to your first boy-girl party and/or Paris Hilton circa 2004.) 

1— Tuck in your shirt. Top off your look with a tucked in T-shirt, and add a blazer for some extra dimension. Adulting part one: a simple tuck and you appear to have your life together for the day. It’s worth a shot at least. (Photo via @maddyhaller)

2— Choose a skirt that isn’t too tight, short, or distressed. Show off those legs, girl, but always do it with class. Adulting part two: choose flattering your body over flaunting it. (Photo via @sarahdewald)

3— Wear low-heeled shoes or sneakers. Comfort is key, but just because Regina George wore flip flops doesn’t mean you’re going to. Adulting part 3: Swap your $4 Old Navy flip flops for a casual pair of mules. (Photo via @mmoor)

4— Accent with structured bag or statement sunnies. The ultimate outfit-completers. Adulting part four: never leave the house without accessorizing. From meh to yeah. (Photo via @gabscherer)

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