Bra Tops Aren't Going Anywhere, Here's How to Style This Teeny-Tiny Trend

February 16th, 2022 at 6:00pm
Bra Tops Aren't Going Anywhere, Here's How to Style This Teeny-Tiny Trend

Hot take: bra tops are real tops. It’s odd, right? Bra tops sound seductive and daring in theory but these tiny garments are quickly becoming a wardrobe staple.

Styling a shorter, smaller top can seem intimidating but it is much easier than you’d think. Simply layer your bra top with an oversized graphic tee, a white button-down, or a matching cardigan set. Better yet, for a more cohesive and balanced outfit, style the bra top trend with other popular trends like baggy trousers and oversized denim. From day to night, there are endless ways to wear bra tops. Don’t let the fear of the bra top trend keep you from dressing for your best self. Rather, these ultra-cropped tops are the exact thing you need to spice up your style!

Ready to dive into this tiny trend but don’t know where to start? Here’s exactly how to style bra tops so you can look fashionable without feeling like you left the house undressed. I promise, it’s easier than it sounds.

While the bra top trend may sound intimidating, these looks are anything but. Here's exactly how to style these ultra crop tops for any occassion.
PHOTO: @tyra_fisher

01. Pair with a Sweater Set

Transition into your post-pandemic life by swapping your cozy collegiate sweatshirt for a chic knitwear set. As we prepare for the arrival of spring, pairing your knit bra top with a matching cardigan makes for the perfect transition weather look.  

Get the Look:

Photo via Reformation.

Reformation Alonzo Sweater Set

Available in Robin’s Egg and Gossamer. $298.

02. Opt for a Crisscross Neckline

Crisscross necklines are about to be everywhere this spring so why not knock out two trends in one top? A crisscross-style halter detail adds just enough flare to the bra top trend — especially when paired with matching shorts. 

Get the Look:

Photo via Urban Outfitters.

Out From Under Cozy Up Seamless Convertible Bra Top

Available in Dark Green, Brown, Black, and White. $25.

PHOTO: @jdpanda18

03. Layer it on Top

The bra top trend is daring and if a tiny top isn’t your jam, that’s totally okay! For a fresh approach, consider layering your bra top over a sweater, button-down, or even a blazer.   

Get the Look:

Photo via H&M.

H&M Ribbed Tank

Available in several colors. $13.

04. Style it with Your Favorite Blazer

I guarantee you already own everything you need to recreate this look. Layer your trusty, go-to blazer over a bra top for a look that’s equal parts sophistication and sass. 

Get the Look:

Photo via SKIMS.

SKIMS Fits Everybody Scoop Neck Bra

Available in several colors. $32.

05. Channel Y2K With a Bandeau 

Get ready for the return of the iconic 2000’s top, the bandeau! But this time, it’s much sassier with a satin finish! Complete the look with a midi skirt and for those chillier days layer it with a neutral button-down. 

Get the Look:

Photo via Revolve.

Susana Monaco Reversible Crop Bow Top

Available in Ultraviolet and Black. $36.

PHOTO: @notevette

06. Color-Coordinate Your Look 

It’s all about consistency in 2022 — not only in your life but in your outfits. Create a monochromatic outfit with the bra top and coordinating slacks. 

Get the Look:

Photo via Urban Outfitters.

Out From Under Convertible Corset

Available in Maroon, Olive, Pink, and Sapphire. $65.

07. Lean Into Athleisure

Neutrals are sticking around this spring and are running in the direction of bra tops. Embody the varsity look with a neutral-toned bra top and rep your favorite sports team with a baseball cap. This outfit will feel just as comfortable as your favorite sports bra.

Get the Look:

Photo via Free People.

Free People This Way Bra

Available in White, Black, Chocolate, and Summer Sparrow. $30.

08. Try a Printed Version

Make yourself known by being loud with patterns. Bra tops make a statement in general but one with a bold pattern is the cherry on top. Style it alone or try layering with a graphic tee, button-down shirt, or a leather jacket. 

Get the Look:

Photo via Missguided.

Missguided Cross Front Halterneck Corset Crop Top

Available in Brown Gingham. $38.

PHOTO: @xxodasha

09. Tie it Up

Combine two trends in one with a tie-string bra top, perfect for the warmer months. Matching bottoms and edgy accessories make for an instantly cool outfit. This is one look you will want to get tied up in!

Get the Look:

Photo via Revolve.

Indah Cupid Tie Front String Bra Top

Available in Namibia and Ivory. $79.

10. Make a Bustier Day-Time Attire

This take on the bra top trend is sexier than ever before. Embody the spirit and couple it with an exciting pair of printed pants. 

Get the Look:

Photo via Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal Mesh Ruffle Boned Corset Bandeau Bodysuit

Available in Black, White, and Beige. $45.

Step outside of the box and test the waters of the bra top trend. You never know, these 10 outfits may just convince you to make bra tops a wardrobe staple.

Featured photo by @amiahkailee.