How to Stay Focused and Blissful

August 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am
How to Stay Focused and Blissful

Face it, we have all been incredibly unmotivated. Staring at the wall, choosing to pretend that responsibilities just do not exist and that Netflix is the only thing that we can pay any attention to. But then every single obligation suddenly makes its way to the surface in a matter of seconds and voila, an exponential meltdown unearths. However, it does not have to be this way. With just a few simple changes, procrastination can indeed be beaten.

Planners are a glorious solution to a scattered schedule. Do not be afraid to plan your life away, it will help curb those nasty lazy spells. Write down class times, work schedules, meetings, events, and everything else that has a fixed time. Update your planner each month and every week, and be sure to keep up with it.

Create time slots in your planner for other responsibilities that may not have a fixed time as well. Working out and studying are two splendid examples of what to schedule in because they can have flexible times but are also quite important. There is no wrong and right way to plan. Simply create a system that is effective for you.

Next, comes the fun part; make incentives for yourself. For example, at the end of every week, treat yourself to something that reflects how well you kept up with and followed your schedule. Did you have a crazy productive week? Time for a Sephora spree. Did you lay in bed playing Sims so much that you pretended you were among the pixelated? Perhaps you deserve a reality check.

Even though it is vital to follow your plan, we must take care of our bodies and minds as well. Make time to unwind and clear your head. Bubble baths, music, reading, or simply napping are all ways to collect yourself. So, be sure to be best friends with your trusty planner, but do not forget to treat yourself and allow for your mind to take a breather occasionally.

What are your thoughts about beating procrastination and staying stress-free? Let us know in the comments below!