Here's Exactly How To Master Instagram's Favorite Eyeliner Trend

I’m pretty much known for my classic winged eyeliner look. In fact, if you ever see me without my eyeliner winged, I was probably rushed getting ready or lacking some morning motivation.

For beginners, mastering the winged eyeliner can be a bit tricky. The pressure to make it perfect can wobble your hand. But I’m going to let you in on the secrets to executing a sharp wing every time, and how to get creative once you’ve mastered the basics.

Classic Wing: Almost every Instagram makeup look ends with winging eyeliner as sharp as a knife. While it may look difficult, there actually is a simple way to achieve the look you want every time. You don’t need tape or a spoon, just your liquid liner of choice. Start at the outer corner of your eye, drawing the wing so it’s angled towards the tail of your eyebrow. Then, drawing from the tip of that line, draw a line to the edge of your iris. Then move to your inner corner and draw a line to the point where you left off. Fill in the blanks and you’re good to go! 

Colored Liner: Once you’ve mastered the basic wing, step it up a notch by adding some color into the mix. Rather than just using a colored eyeliner, and call it a day, I prefer to make it a little more interesting. I like to draw my normal winged eyeliner as usual, and then, using colored eyeliner or wetted eyeshadow, draw the color around the black I had already painted on. I line above and underneath the eye. You could even use liquid lipstick for this trick too! An angled eyeliner brush works nicely and will layer the color to a brilliant opacity. For added intrigue I drew a few little dots under the tail of my wing. It’s easy to do and looks cool too!

Graphic Liner: This takes a little more skill and a steady hand, but looks great once you’ve mastered it. Line your eyes as usual, and then, starting at the tip of your wing draw a line back over your lid and crease, stopping a bit before your inner eye. When you flutter your eyes it looks so cool! To make this look even more interesting and fun, I placed a dot in the center on my lower lash line, so there is something to look at with my eyes open and closed. Do you have any eyeliner tricks? Let us know in the comments below!