If Annie Hall Was a College Student Today, She'd Totally Wear This

The ’80s definitely aren’t dead, and neither are their favorite sartorial look. Trousers aren’t always a go-to item in everyone’s closet—they can be really specific to style and often are associated with business casual. With recent street style re-emergence of the trouser cut, I think it’s fair to say the style needs to be re-evaluated if you can’t seem to get on board.

Trousers are associated with movie style icons like Diane Keaton’s 1977 take on the look in “Annie Hall” or Meg Ryan’s “Sally Albright” in When Harry Met Sally. Both of their looks play up the fact that trousers are typically seen as professional, and sometimes more masculine, clothing items. As much as they are associated with these constructs, trousers are incredibly versatile and they are definitely a change from denim in the colder months.

Check out how Style Gurus are adding trousers to their campus wardrobes and update your own take on the trend!

1—Khaki-colored trousers are tried-and-true, but adding a crop top and choker updates the look for 2017. (Photo via @typicaltuyen)

2—High-waisted styles always make a statement—this Style Guru’s monochrome look is polished by the front pleating and cinching at the waist. (Photo via @jenvpetrova)

3—Cropped pants have been cropping up everywhere! Pairing it with a pair of high-top boots lets your details be the center of attention. (Photo via @sydneyhelphenstine)

4—While the previous looks have featured more neutral tones, this Style Guru’s bright red pair is eye-catching and updates the colored-pants look with a camel coat and relaxed T-shirt. (Photo via @oohmytash)

5—Texture is always key! Trousers don’t have to just be wool or cotton—try a suede or leather pair to add something different to your wardrobe and spice up your winter and spring closet. (Photo via @cfashionista)

Let us know how you are literally wearing the pants this season in the comments below!